Lumbar support with integrated pad

Performance back brace for sport, job and everyday life

  • Breathable Varioflex quartz pad with 3D profile
  • Hinged fasteners so that you can sit comfortably
  • POWER - Don't suffer low back pain! Thanks to the innovative knit back brace, pain can be alleviated and high mobility achieved.
  • TECHNOLOGY - Thanks to the integrated Vario-Flex pad and the lightweight, flexible construction, the LWS stabilisation orthosis is extremely comfortable to wear during training.
  • MASSAGE EFFECT - During training, cycling or at work - The additional pad of the back brace provides a circulation-enhancing massage effect.
  • COMFORT - The back brace has an extra-large comfort zone with flexible abdominal compression, ensuring the bandage is comfortable to wear during sport.
  • TEMPERATURE REGULATION - The breathable knitted fabric made of active and merino fibres supports thermoregulation in summer and winter, adapts perfectly to movement and at the same time gives the back orthosis extra stability for activity in sport and everyday life.