• SYMPTOMS - For ankle sprain, arthritis, or osteoarthritis in the foot, Levamed Ankle Bandages are effective tools to stabilise the affected joint, strengthen the ligaments and aid in the healing process.
  • PERFORMANCE - The innovative comfort fabric of the ankle brace adapts perfectly to the joint, while the soft edges provide ankle support.
  • TECHNOLOGY - The bandage has a built-in silicone pad with 3D profile, which ensures a gentle massage effect. In this way, swelling and ankle pain can be reduced.
  • EFFECT - The compression bandage promotes ankle support and proprioceptive compression ankle guidance while improving muscle control and endogenous stabilisation of the ankle.
  • TEMPERATURE REGULATION - The breathable construction of the knitted fabric enables a comfortable temperature. The material of the ankle brace absorbs moisture from the skin and actively channels it outwards.