Inelastic compression garment

  • Simple donning
  • Compression easy to set
  • Latex-free, skin-friendly material

Product benefits

  • Medically effective compression, comfortable to wear

  • Simple donning and doffing

  • Improvement in quality of life: removable for personal hygiene and skincare

  • Compression simple to set and readjust using the circaid Built-In-Pressure System

  • Latex free, odour-inhibiting material with antibacterial effect

  • Optimum combination with medical compression garments for compression therapy at night

circaid juxtalite is medi's option for all those who cannot put on medical compression garments.

There are no more obstacles to compression therapy because the individual Velcro straps are simple to close and patients can set the correct compression range themselves.

Thanks to the low resting pressure, circaid juxtalite can also be worn at night, which makes it an optimum combination with medical compression garments.